WIP City

Ironically, this page is also a WIP

the time travel ffvii fic

Summary: this one is. so complicated its now three separate plot lines at the least and it's like. complicated
Current Word Count: 12,509
Scenes Written: 10ish/??
Stage of writing: debating reorganizing everything

couch potatoes

Summary: it's basically a time travel ffxv fic because i have one (1) braincell.
Current Word Count:4,211
Scenes Written: 1.5/??
Stage of writing: writing as we go

post ganon fight au

Summary: really an excuse for me to write paya as a disaster bisexual
Current Word Count:20,658
Scenes Written: 5ish/??
Stage of writing: slowly writing new scenes

eshttkmahf au

Summary: i am not typing out the name to this one. post dmc5 fic im sure you can imagine where this is going
Current Word Count: 4,707
Scenes Written: 2 and many chips/??
Stage of writing: ???? no idea

the robot au

Summary: this one is titled idk anything about robotics in my google drive
Current Word Count: 10,912
Scenes Written: 14.5/??
Stage of writing: occasional info dumping

roadtrip au

Summary: not sure i'll finish this one
Current Word Count: 5,957
Scenes Written: 4/??
Stage of writing: it exists????



the last time i updated this was like 3 fandoms ago,,,,